ETC 68:4 (October 2011) Is Now Available for Download from the IGS Store

Volume 68, Number 4 (October 2011), of the Institute of General Semantics’s quarterly journal ETC: A Review of General Semantics will be out soon in the mail and is now available for download from the IGS Store in searchable PDF format.

Click here to download ETC 68:4 from the IGS Store.

Table of Contents Preview

  • “The Spectacled Society: General Semantics and a Painters Process” by Dom Heffer
  • “Corporate Identity Metaphor as Constitutive Discourse in Miniature: The Case of New China Life” by Peter Zhang
  • “Appreciative Inquiry + General Semantics → IFD Disease Resistance” by Mary P. Lahman
  • Poem:
    “Townsend Hell vs. Townsend Hall” by Lynn Chih-Ning Chang
  • “My Culture Shock Experience” by Lynn Chih-Ning Chang
  • Poem:
    “For A.K.” by Joseph Gold
  • “Memorandum” by Bill Petkanas
  • Five Poems:
    “Words Fail” by Heather Statz
    “The Right Question” by Heather Statz
    “Doublespeak” by Heather Statz
    “My Doublespeak” by Heather Statz
    “In a Sentence” by Heather Statz
  • “Reading Korzybski through Nietzsche” by Zhenbin Sun
  • “Language Power: Korzybski’s Interdisciplinary Methodology” by Blake Victor Seidenshaw
  • “‘She Just Called You Honey’: My Quandary at Waffle House” by Brett Lunceford
  • “The Oxford English Dictionary: A Time-Binding Marvel” by Martin H. Levinson
  • “‘The Map Is Not the Territory It Represents’: Consequences on the Evaluation-Intervention Process” by Gérard Lavoie
  • “The Teacher as Cultural Worker: Overlapping Insights from Sociology and General Semantics” by Mary Bachaspatimayum
  • Metaphors in Action:
    “Is the Universe Information?” by Raymond Gozzi, Jr.
  • Plus Book Reviews.

Cover Art

The cover of ETC 68:4 is a work titled “Society of the Spectacles II: The Sequel—in 4D!” by Dom Heffer.

Click here to view more art by Dom Heffer.

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