New Book – “Think Smart, Talk Smart” by Allan Laurence Brooks

Trained engineer and communications expert Allan Laurence Brooks has recently published Think Smart, Talk Smart: How Scientists Think: A Guide to Effective Communication, a new book available in the IGS Store.

About the Book

No one doubts that science underlies every tangible aspect of our lives, but few people apply its systematic style of thinking to improve their communication styles. To get the most out of science, it’s important to understand science as a style of thinking rather than just a forbidding collection of facts and mathematics. Individuals who learn how scientists collect evidence, evaluate facts, and draw conclusions can improve their own thought processes and overcome shortcomings.

Written by a trained engineer and communications expert, this guidebook provides the tools you need to sharpen your thinking skills, hone your communication skills, refine your evaluation of data, and improve your objectivity. You’ll also learn important theories and ways of thinking from scientists and scholars such as Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Marshall McLuhan, Werner Heisenberg, and many others.

By sharing case studies and questioning assumptions, author Allan Laurence Brooks provides a roadmap that allows you to immediately improve your communication with others. Leave obstacles behind and approach life like a scientist with Think Smart, Talk Smart.

Click here to purchase Think Smart, Talk Smart in the IGS Store.

About the Author

Allan Laurence Brooks holds a master’s degree in communication studies; he has forty-five years of experience as a graduate engineer. He has taught communications for more than fifteen years and was a member of the English Department of the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, New York. He currently lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Purchase the Book

Click here to purchase Think Smart, Talk Smart in the IGS Store.

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