October 24-26, 2014 – The Institute of General Semantics presents the 62nd Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture featuring Jack El-Hai, and the 2-Day Symposium titled "'Making Sense' through Time-Binding" at the Princeton Club in New York City.

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IGS President Martin H. Levinson Interviewed by TZM Global Radio

Institute of General Semantics President Martin H. Levinson was recently interviewed by Bakari Pace at the Albert Ellis Institute for The Zeitgeist Movement’s Global Radio Address.

Pace talks to Dr. Levinson about general semantics as it relates to the Zeitgeist Movement and Jacque Fresco.

Listen in below:

2 Responses to “IGS President Martin H. Levinson Interviewed by TZM Global Radio”

  1. Paul McGee says:

    Jacque Fresco is not the founder of The Zeitgeist Movement, that would be Peter Joseph. Jacque is however the founder of The Venus Project and Sociocyberneering.

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