ETC 71:4 (October 2014) Is Now Available for Download from the IGS Store

etc-71-4-coverVolume 71, Number 4 (October 2014), of the Institute of General Semantics’s quarterly journal ETC: A Review of General Semantics will soon be mailed and is now available for download from the IGS Store in searchable PDF format.

Table of Contents Preview

  • “Zen Musings” by Peter Zhang and Wei-Shyuan (Stone) Peng
  • “The Terrance Deacon’s Incomplete Nature: How Mind Emerged from Matter. The Teleodynamics of Culture, Language, Organization, Science, Economics and Technology (CLOSET). Part I: A Review and Précis of Incomplete Nature” by Robert K. Logan
  • “Political Symbols and American Exceptionalism” by John Engle
  • “The Labeling Process and Other Interdisciplinary Similarities between Buddhism and General Semantics” by Christoper Bear-Beam
  • Probes:
    “The Wise and the Journalist” by Vanessa Biard-Schaeffer
  • From the Vault:
    “Words and Music” by Hal Tracy
  • Poems:
    “Spinners” by Hillel A. Schiller
    “Fate” by Hillel A. Schiller
  • Plus Letter from the Editor, Dates and Indexes, and Book Reviews.

Cover Art

The photograph used for the cover of ETC 71:4 is titled “Folds褶” and is part of a textual and photographic essay “Zen Musings” that is one of our two featured pieces for this issue. Photographer Wei-Shyuan (Stone) Peng is a hydrogeologist based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There are a total of nine photographs presented in this photo essay.

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