ETC 72:4 (October 2015) Is Now Available for Download from the IGS Store

After a long wait, issue 72:4 (October 2015) of ETC: A Review of General Semantics is in the mail and is now available for download from the IGS Store in searchable PDF format.

Table of Contents Preview

  • “Introduction: A Seat at the Nerd Table” by Lonny J. Avi Brooks and Aram Sinnreich
  • “Everybody and Nobody: Visions of Individualism and Collectivity in the Age of AI” by Aram Sinnreich, Jessa Lingel, Gideon Lichfield, Adam Richard Rottinghaus, and Lonny J. Avi Brooks
  • “Black Holes as a Metaphysical Science” by Jessa Lingel, Daniel Sutko, Gideon Lichfield, and Aram Sinnreich
  • “The End of Material Scarcity: Dystopia and Immanent Critique of Capitalism” by Adam Richard Rottinghaus, Roseann Pluretti, and Daniel Sutko
  • “The Medium Is the Message of the Future: Tyranny of Media in Organizing Our Imagery” by Daniel Sutko, Jessa Lingel, Aubrie Adams, and Adam Richard Rottinghaus
  • “The Aliens Are Us: The Limitation That the Nature of Fiction Imposes on Science Fiction about Aliens” by Gordon Lichfield, Aubrie Adams, and Lonny J. Avi Brooks
  • “Narratives on Extending and Transcending Mortality: An Essay on Implications for the Future” by Aubrie Adams, Adam Richard Rottinghaus, and Ryan Wallace
  • “Toward an ‘Other’ Dimension: An Essay on Transcendence of Gender and Sexuality” by Roseann Pluretti, Jessa Lingel, and Aram Sinnreich
  • “Future Im/perfect: Defining Success and Problematics in Science Fiction Expressions of Racial Identity” by Ryan Wallace, Roseann Pluretti, and Aubrie Adams
  • “Afro-Futuretyping Generation Starships and New Earths 05015 CE” by Lonny J. Avi Brooks, Daniel Sutko, Aram Sinnreich, and Ryan Wallace
  • Poem:
    “A Map of Her Own” by Matthew Wells
  • Plus Letter from the Editor.

Cover Art

The photograph used for the cover of ETC 72:4 is a collage titled Futuretypes that was designed and created by Aram Sinnreich. Dr. Sinnreich is an associate professor at the American University’s School of Communication, and author of the recent book The Piracy Crusade: How the Music Industry’s War on Sharing Destroys Markets and Erodes Civil Liberties (University of Massachusetts Press). He holds a Ph.D. from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California.

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