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globes   The worlds we manage to get into our heads are mostly worlds of words. – Wendell Johnson Hands
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Welcome to the IGS Discussion Forums. These forums are moderated. Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for posting and introduce yourself here.
61 July 23 - 05:10 am
By Administrator
Institute of General Semantics Topics
For announcements from the Institute, as well as topics concerning membership, GS events around the world, etc.
239 September 5 - 05:38 pm
By Ben Hauck
About General Semantics
Learning GS Topics
This is the place to ask, learn, and discuss all aspects of the discipline of general semantics.
8362 September 5 - 11:46 pm
By Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr.
Research Related to GS
This forum provides a place for GS researchers who need assistance locating quotations, citations, reference materials, etc. It also includes calls for papers on subjects that might overlap with GS.
53 August 27 - 09:25 pm
By Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr.
GS & Culture
GS & Interpersonal Relations
In this forum, we invite members to post questions and stories about the day-to-day events that somehow relate to GS. Some of us find applying GS principles in moments of tension a lot harder than talking about them in moments of calm. If you have had some success in overcoming a personal challenge, tell the rest of us about it! If you see a 'problem' looming on your horizon and want to bounce around some ideas on how to tackle it, ask around. Perhaps somebody here has some ideas that will help.
114 July 12 - 10:27 am
By Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr.
Calling out the Symbol Rulers
This forum provides an opportunity for members to document examples of how 'rulers' of all types use language and symbols in attempts to manipulate our opinions, reactions, and behaviors. Please do not post copyrighted material.
725 August 28 - 10:43 am
By Ben Hauck
In the News
Here we welcome postings about items in the news that you think others might find interesting or relevant in some way to the study of language or general semantics. This forum differs from "Calling out the Symbol Rulers" by focusing on reports of scientific studies and general news items, versus items related to how institutions or individuals control societies by controlling language.
292 August 10 - 08:02 pm
By David Linwood
What We're Reading Now
This forum hosts discussions of books. Come here to find others who want to talk with you about the classics of GS, like Science and Sanity, or some of the more recents texts that have caught the interest of IGS members.
94 August 1 - 01:56 pm
By Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr.
Questions about Discussion Forums & IGS Website
Need Help? Have a Suggestion?
This forum is for issues regarding the content and administration of the discussion forums and IGS website. If you are in need of technical assistance or have comments, questions, suggestions, etc., please post here.
111 July 29 - 07:19 am
By Ben Hauck

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