Books, Etc.

The Institute of General Semantics and its publishing wing, The New Non-Aristotelian Library, publish books, guides, anthologies, and downloads on general semantics and related subjects.

A wide selection of books and downloads we have published is available for purchase in the IGS Store.

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Free Web Books

The books below are available for you to read  in web format for free.

Instant PEP for Language
by the Staff of Fort Myer Elementary School

A guidebook developed by the Postman Enthusiasts Project (PEP) at Fort Myer Elementary to teach students about the behaviors related to language, from a distinctly general semantics perspective.

Available for free as a searchable PDF.

Words and What They Do to You
by Catherine Minteer

Beginning lessons in general semantics for junior high and high school students.

Available for free in web format.

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