Programming & Classes

Conferences & Symposia

The Institute periodically hosts, sponsors, and co-sponsors conferences and symposia attended by members and non-members from around the world, on topics related to general semantics and its multidisciplinary interests.

Conferences and symposia in recent memory were held in New York City in October 2010 (“New Languages, New Relations, New Realities”); Arlington, Texas, in October 2006 (“Making Sense”); and Las Vegas, Nevada, in October 2003 (“Confronting the Challenges of Conflicting World Views”).

Click here to view announcements, read papers, and watch video clips from past conferences and symposia.

Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture Series (AKML)

The distinguished Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture series began in 1952 as an annual event sponsored by the Institute of General Semantics in honor of Alfred Korzybski. Each year the Institute invites a prominent scholar or notable individual to give a lecture relating to general semantics and its relevance in today’s society.

Past lecturers have included inventor Buckminster Fuller, physicist James A. Van Allen, entertainer Steve Allen, media theorist Neil Postman, and humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow.

Click here for information on the AKML series and its previous lecturers.

Classes & Seminars

The Institute of General Semantics offers classes and seminars at introductory and advanced levels on a variety of topics related to general semantics and the teaching of the multidisciplinary subject.  Some are regularly scheduled and some are available upon request.

Click here for information on classes and seminars presented by the Institute of General Semantics.

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