Frequently Asked Questions about IGS Store Downloads

What files are available from the IGS Store for download?

At any given time, the Institute of General Semantics Store makes available materials for download for free, at cost, etc.  These items are available in a variety of formats.  Primarily, IGS uses the following formats when offering downloads:

  • PDF - for opening in Adobe Acrobat, Kindle, and other readers and eReaders
  • MP3 - for opening in MP3 players, iPods, iTunes, and other media devices and software

For downloads that include multiple files (for example, MP3 albums or PDF book packages), we make these available in a single large ZIP file.  Extracting ZIP files requires a piece of software that may be pre-installed on your computer.  If you do not have software that extracts ZIP files, there is free software available online you may install.

What are the terms, conditions, and limitations for IGS Store downloads?

Products downloaded from the IGS (for free, at cost, etc.) cannot be reproduced, duplicated, emailed, or otherwise distributed without permission from the Institute of General Semantics.

Questions or requests may be directed to the IGS Webmaster using the contact link in the top bar of the IGS Store.

Most IGS Store downloads offer a limited number of downloads to the customer.  Also, most IGS Store downloads are time-sensitive, and the ability to download them may expire.  (The downloaded products from IGS Store don't expire, though--just their download links.)

When I purchase a download, how do I get it?

When you purchase a download from the Institute of General Semantics Store, there are two ways to download it:

  • Right after you complete your order, you will be directed to your Order History page.  Click on your most recent order number.  Your browser will scroll down to the order.  In the Reference Product section, there will be a link to your download.
  • Soon after you complete your order, an email titled "Link to Your Download Purchase" will be directed to the email account associated with your IGS Store login.  In that email will be a link to your download.

Please note that the "Link to Your Download Purchase" may take up to 10 minutes until it is sent.  Please check your spam filter in case it is directed there.  If you do not receive your link email, simply log into your IGS Store account and download your file from Your Account > History and details of your orders, and click on your order number.  Your download link is inside your order, under Reference Products.

How long do I have before I need to download the file?

Downloads from the IGS Store may be time-sensitive.  Time-sensitivity varies from product to product, and may be a little as a few minutes to a number of days.  In many cases, time-sensitivity is 2-4 days.

We recommend that you download your product soon after your purchase.  Doing so will prevent a loss of your access to the file.

What if my download expires before I can download it?

We understand that not all customers can download a file in the time they are allowed.  If you find that your download expires before you are able to make your download, send an email to the IGS Webmaster explaining your situation, along with your Order Number and/or Order Confirmation email (if possible).

The IGS Webmaster may be able to accommodate your request.  However, the IGS Store reserves the right to require another purchase if the expired purchase was made a sufficiently long time ago.

We recommend that you make your download within 4 days of your purchase, and preferably near the time you make your purchase.

What if my downloaded file is incorrect?

If you find that your downloaded file is not the file you ordered, and that that mistake is the result of IGS Store error, we may be able to replace the file.  Send an email to the IGS Webmaster explaining your situation, along with your Order Number and/or Order Confirmation email (if possible).

The IGS Webmaster may request a copy of the original file to confirm the erroneous download.



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