General Semantics Bulletin Nos. 4 & 5 (1950-1951)

General Semantics Bulletin Nos. 4 & 5 (1950-1951)

The third Bulletin published by the Institute of General Semantics

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General Semantics Bulletin

Nos. 4 (1950-1951)

Download a searchable PDF of this volume, featuring:

"On Higher Order Abstractions: A Methodologic Issue" by O. R . Bontrager

"Korzybski's Relation to Colloid Chemistry" by Ernst A . Hauser

"Alfred Korzybski : 'An Extensional Analysis of the Process of Abstracting from an Electro-colloidal Non-aristotelian Point of View,' 1950 and 1946 versions, with historical note. Number One in a series fromm his unpublished writings.

"General Semantics and the Law" by George Burton Pearson, Jr.

"Mathematics -- Logics" by Edward V.Huntington

"The Principle of Non-Identity Applied to Speech Therapy" by Ollie Backus

"Scientific Method" by Alfred Korzybski

"Some Neglected Considerations of Order in Current Reading Methodologies" by O. R . Bontrager

"Use of Extensional Methods in Dealing with Higher Order Abstractions in Reading: An Experiment in Teaching Arithmetic" by Madeline Semmelmeyer

"The New Mathematical Philosophy" by L. L . Whyte

Plus Clearinghouse & Exchange, and a luncheon report on the new edition of Manhood of Humanity and transcriptions of:

"Korzybski and Mathematics" by Edward Kasner
"Korzybski Applied in the Teaching of Science" by William F. Loomis

Please note that the cover image is not included in the searchable PDF.


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