October 21-23, 2016 – The Institute of General Semantics presents the 64th Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture featuring Iain McGilchrist, and the 2-Day Symposium titled "Language in Thought and Action" at the Princeton Club in New York City.

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Introduction to the General Semantics Learning Center

In the General Semantic Learning Center, the Institute of General Semantics has compiled a number of resources for learning and teaching general semantics.  From biographical information about the field’s founder Alfred Korzybski, to an overview of the ideas associated with the field, to essays, videos, audio recordings, teaching materials, and other media on the subject, to applications of general semantics to various projects, the General Semantics Learning Center offers the next best thing to taking a class in general semantics.

The General Semantics Learning Center is divided into the following sections, which can also be accessed from the “GS Learning Center” menu in the navigation bar.

On Alfred Korzybski

Click here for biographical information on Alfred Korzybski, the founder of general semantics.

Overview of General Semantics

Click here to view a general semantics FAQ, basic understandings, terminology, and a list of notable individuals.

General Semantics & Other Fields

Click here to view a list of fields influenced by general semantics.

Online Library

Click here to view a selection of articles on general semantics that we’ve made available online.


Coming in Summer 2011 (approximate date).  Watch the IGS News blog for Updates.

Teaching Materials

Click here for materials for teachers on the subject of general semantics.

Applications of General Semantics

Click here to see applications of general semantics on notable projects.

General Semantics Links

Click here for our current list of links to blogs, websites, and other online destinations related to general semantics.

Archived Discussions

Click here to read archived discussions from our online forums.

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