October 24-26, 2014 – The Institute of General Semantics presents the 62nd Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture featuring Jack El-Hai, and the 2-Day Symposium titled "'Making Sense' through Time-Binding" at the Princeton Club in New York City.

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Applications of General Semantics

How Has General Semantics Been Applied?

General semantics has been applied for the betterment and advancement of a number of different fields.  Here is a list of some noteworthy applications of general semantics on different projects.

The New Standard American Bible in E-Prime

Dr. David F. Maas rendered the New Standard American Bible into E-Prime, a general semantics tool that involves writing in English without the use of be-verbs.

Click here to read David F. Maas’s rendering of the NASB into E-Prime.

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