2005 Agenda and Video Clips

2005 Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture

Video Clips

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Program for April 22nd
Dinner, Ocean Grill

American Museum of Natural History, Linder Theater
Welcome and Introductions — Steve Stockdale, Executive Director

Presentation of the 2005 J. Talbot Winchell Award to Paul Dennithorne Johnston — Andrea Johnson, President, IGS Board of Trustees

Introduction of Robert L. Carneiro — Warren Robbins

53rd Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture — Robert L. Carneiro, Ph.D.
From Autonomous Villages to the State: An Irresistible Trend in the Grand Sweep of Human History

Program for April 23rd Colloquium: Envisioning the Emerging Future
Welcome — Steve Stockdale, Executive Director

Understanding W.I.G.O. to Influence the Future — Martin H. Levinson, former Director of PROJECT SHARE, NYC Public Schools; Katherine Liepe-Levinson, Muse Educational Resources

The Future of Consciousness — Lance Strate, Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies, Fordham University

Structures and Rhythms — Milton Dawes, Ambassador-at-Large, Inst. of General Semantics


Integrating Non-verbal with Verbal Processes in Consciousness — Lloyd Gilden, President, Lifwynn Foundation for Social Research

The Little Big Blender: How the cell phone integrates the digital and the physical every- where — Paul Levinson, Chair, Communi- cation and Media Studies, Fordham University

PANEL: "Where are we going as a species?"
Roben Torosyan — Moderator, Assistant Director, Center for Academic Excellence, Fairfield University

Milton Dawes

Allen Flagg — President, New York Society for General Semantics

Andrea Johnson — President, Institute of General Semantics
Developing a Sensitivity to Rhythm — Milton Dawes