2006 "Making Sense" Conference Video Samples

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DVD 1 of 8:

Ben Hauck Ben Hauck: On Knitting Sweaters During Conferences
sample 74 MB

Bob Eddy Bob Eddy: Making Sense Constructively
sample 23 MB
Jeff Dafler, Ross Jackson Jeff Dafler, Ross Jackson: Freedom as Ego-Nihilism
sample 14 MB

DVD 2 of 8:

Kerrick Murray R. Kerrick Murray: Exploring a Fundamental Non-verbal Coherency
sample 12 MB

Milton Dawes Milton Dawes: A Universe of Rhythms
sample 9 MB
Andy Hilgartner Andy Hilgartner, M.D.: A Neglected Aspect of Time-Binding
sample 10 MB

DVD 3 of 8:

Bruce Kodish Bruce I. Kodish: Korzybski in America
sample 18 MB

Sandra Pate Sandra S. Pate: Changing Futures for Families
sample 18 MB

DVD 4 of 8:

Tommy Thomason Tommy Thomason: GS in the Schieffer School of Journalism at TCU
sample 88 MB

Doug Newsom Douglas Ann Newsom: GS in Public Relations at TCU
sample 17 MB
Michael Round Michael Round, Mike Parrish: Polite Discussion:
A Play About Rational Discourse
sample 14 MB
Erica Gordon Erica (Gann) Gordon: The Semantic Person
sample 72 MB

DVD 5 of 8:

Marty Levinson Martin H. Levinson: Emotional Intelligence
sample 23 MB

Dr. Ed Bailey Charles (Ed) Bailey, M.D.: GS—Key to Understanding the Brain
sample 17 MB

DVD 6 of 8:

Nora Miller Nora Miller: Making Sense of Loss
sample 17 MB

Laura Bertone Laura Bertone: From the Confusion of Babel
sample 21 MB
Vanessa Biard-Schaeffer Vanessa Biard-Schaeffer: On Regionalism
sample 16 MB

DVD 7 of 8:

Mike Fuhlhage Mike Fuhlhage: What's the Matter with Kansas?
sample 17 MB

Andrea Johnson Andrea Johnson: Making Sense of Change Thinging
sample 15 MB

DVD 8 of 8:

Panel Panel Discussion: Renee Hobbs, David Hewson, Dr. Abdul Salaam
sample 26 MB

Steve Stockdale Steve Stockdale: Closing Comments
sample 33 MB
Bob Potter Robert P. Potter: J. Talbot Winchell Award Acceptance
On behalf of himself and Walter W. Davissample 86 MB
Renee Hobbs Renee Hobbs: Literacy in the 21st Century
54th Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture  sample 14 MB