Recent Changes to the IGS Website

You may have noticed of late that we’ve been making some changes to the IGS website.

As a result of a usability study of the IGS website performed by students of David Walczyk of Pratt Institute, we have seen some things we could do to improve our website. Of note, we added to the front page a box for Upcoming Events. We’ve also added a profile of our latest publication, along with a link to its Table of Contents.

Things come and go, and the General Semantics Discussion Forums had a nice life. While we have just closed the General Semantics Discussion Forums, we have archived the content and put it in the General Semantics Learning Center. We’ve also reorganized the Learning Center a bit, folding in some of the information that was under About Us and putting it in its more appropriate place.

We’ve also added a News tab to the navigation bar so you don’t have to hunt around to find out about news (like this!). With that also came a reorganization of the navigation bar as a whole, bringing our publications and Learning Center more to the forefront and letting information about IGS fall more to the side.

We’d like to hear from you if you have feedback on the IGS website. If you do, please use the box in the righthand column to email the webmaster, or simply click here to email the webmaster.

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