June 22-26, 2010 – IGS Sponsoring a Roundtable Discussion at International Communication Association Conference

The Institute of General Semantics will be sponsoring a roundtable discussion at the International Communication Association conference in Singapore. Information is listed below.

IGS members can register for this conference at the ICA member discount even it they are not ICA members because IGS is an Associate of the ICA.

International Communication Association
60th Annual Conference
June 22-26, 2010

@ Suntec Singapore
1 Raffles Blvd., Suntec City, Singapore 039593

Roundtable on General Semantics Today: Challenges and Opportunities

Sponsor: Institute of General Semantics
Chair: Thom Gencarelli, Manhattan College

Prafulla Kar, Balvant Parekh Centre for General Semantics and Other Human Sciences
Susan Maushart, University of Western Australia
Pravesh G. Jung, Indian Institute of Technology

General semantics was introduced by Alfred Korzybski over 75 years ago, in response to the horrors of the First World War, as a means to improve the ways in which we understand, evaluate, and act upon our environment, in order to facilitate individual sanity and collective moral and ethical progress. This in turn led to various attempts at institutionalizing the movement, such as the Institute of General Semantics, the International Society for General Semantics (which merged with the IGS in 2004),various local societies, and most recently the Balvant Parekh Centre for General Semantics and Other Human Sciences in Baroda, India. The introduction of general semantics also resulted in a popular movement that peaked during the mid-twentieth century, giving rise to and influencing a variety of psychotherapies such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming andRational-Emotive Therapy, as well as deconstruction and poststructuralism in Europe and media ecology in North America, general systems theory and Buckminster Fuller’s synergetics, the development of computer technology and interfaces (e.g., Douglas Engelbart, Alan Kay), literature (e.g., William S. Burroughs, A. E. van Vogt, Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert), philosophy, education, economics, finance, and business, and of course the study ofhuman communication. As we examine general semantics today, this panel will consider to what extent does it speak to contemporary problems and concerns? How does general semantics relate to contemporary theory and research in communication and related fields and disciplines? What contributions can general semantics institutions make to scholarship, to individuals outside of academia who are looking for practical solutions to everyday problems, and to our social systems?

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