Browse the Newly Redesigned IGS Store

The Newly Redesigned IGS Store

This past week we spent time revamping and upgrading the Institute of General Semantics Store.

About the IGS Store Redesign

First, you will probably notice the change in aesthetics.  The storefront features a number of popular and exciting items available from the IGS Store, from memberships with the Institute of General Semantics to downloadable files of audio recordings, back issues of our publications, and PDFs of works by Alfred Korzybski and others.  Most new items will be showcased on the storefront in the slider at the bottom, and in the rotating panel different items of interest will be featured.

Next, we’ve improved the security of the site by adding an SSL certificate.  This feature adds additional security when you are making a purchase so that you can use our store with confidence.  We added this feature per customer request!

Lastly, we’ve been adding new products of late.  In recent days, we’ve added a number of audio recordings.  We’ve added lectures by Robert P. Pula, Alfred Korzybski, and S. I. Hayakawa.  By year’s end we expect to have a number of other recordings available as we have time to develop them from our archives.  The audio recordings offer intimate instruction in general semantics and related topics, and they serve as true time-binding instruments: those of the past are able to communicate with those of the present.

New Products

Here’s a rundown on the new products we’ve recently added:

Difficulties in Learning to Apply General Semantics by Alfred Korzybski

Never before offered by IGS, this collection of recordings of Alfred Korzbyski were made in 1947 and recently converted from vinyl.  Included in the download is an introduction by IGS Webmaster Ben Hauck as well as the transcript he created from the recording.  Be among the few who have heard this engaging talk on the challenges that confront those trying to navigate with and without general semantics training.

Alfred Korzybski’s 1948-1949 Intensive Seminar

Recently offered by IGS as a CD-ROM, we now sell this collection as an MP3 collection for a fraction of the cost.  Affectionately known as the “flood seminar,” this recording features 162 MP3s of Alfred Korzybski lecturing at great length on general semantics.  It includes a Listener’s Guide created by former IGS Executive Director Jeffrey Mordkowitz.

Robert P. Pula’s General Semantics Seminar

Originally selling for $60, this MP3 collection is instantly downloadable for much less from the IGS Store and it features Bob Pula’s wit and intelligence as he instructs a 1979 seminar on the West Coast.  It’s so good that you feel he’s right there with you.

The Sexual Symbolism of the American Automobile by S. I. Hayakawa

Also never before offered by IGS, this 2-MP3 collection was created from the original 7″ vinyl and includes the original cover art.  Have you never heard Hayakawa speak?  In this recording his intelligence, humor, and clarity ring true in a discussion of the implications of 1950s car designs.

Uncritical Inference Test by William V. Haney

This long-popular test has been purchased for a number of years by major corporations training their employees in the differences between fact and inference.  Now available as a downloadable PDF from the IGS Store, it also includes an answer sheet!

Short URL for the IGS Store

In addition to launching the new IGS Store, we have a short URL that will direct to the IGS Store in case you want to tweet it:

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