New Searchable PDFs in the IGS Store, Including 2 Korzybski Works!

Recently we added new searchable PDFs available for immediate download from the IGS Store, including two works by Alfred Korzybski.

Time-Binding: The General Theory
by Alfred Korzybski

The two papers included in this work by Alfred Korzybski are followed by a short note by general semantics teacher Irving J. Lee.  This work falls between the publication of Korzybski’s two major works, Manhood of Humanity and Science and Sanity.

Click here to download Time-Binding: The General Theory from the IGS Store.

Le Role du Langage dans les Processus Perceptuels
par Alfred Korzybski

This is the French version of Korzybski’s “The Role of Language in the Perceptual Processes.”  A fantastic text for French-speaking students of general semantics.

Click here to download Le Role du Langage dans les Processus Perceptuels from the IGS Store.

Issues 1-42 (1977-1987)

Glimpse was a quarterly periodical by the International Society for General Semantics. Billed as “a brief look at things,” Glimpse provided a lighthearted examination of current events from a general semantics perspective.  Edited by Russell Joyner, each 4-page issue featured illustrations and intriguing images in addition to short articles.

A back catalog of 42 issues (1977-1987) is instantly available in searchable PDF format

Click here to download Issues 1-42 of Glimpse from the IGS Store.

Reducing Student Alienation and School-Age Bullying
by Martin H. Levinson and Katherine Liepe-Levinson

Originally available in softcover, we are happy to now offer the Levinsons’ booklet as a searcable PDF for immediate download.

Click here to download two Reducing Student Alientation and School-Age Bullying from the IGS Store.

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