Free eBook – “Awareness & Action: A General Semantics Approach to Effective Language Behavior” by Mary P. Lahman

Mary P. Lahman, Ph.D., has recently created Awareness & Action: A General Semantics Approach to Effective Language Behavior, a new ebook available for free download through the IGS Store.

UPDATE: Version 2 of this PDF has been uploaded to the IGS Store on September 7, 2013. Its cover is depicted here.

About the eBook

This 60-page PDF booklet aims at increasing awareness of faulty language behavior and motivating daily action to correct such behavior.

In the first two sections of the text, Dr. Lahman (Professor of Communication Studies at Manchester University) shows how general semantics can be used as a systematic inquiry into language behavior. In the remaining four sections, Dr. Lahman follows with an application of these formulations, including case studies.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: General Semantics
Chapter 2: Abstraction
Chapter 3: Allness
Chapter 4: Inference-Observation Confusion
Chapter 5: Bypassing
Chapter 6: Differentiation Failures
References by Chapter

About the Author

Mary P. Lahman, Ph.D., is Professor of Communication Studies at Manchester University.

Download the eBook

The booklet is also redundantly available in the General Semantics Learning Center under Teaching Materials.

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