Our long-awaited issue 73:4 (October 2016) of ETC: A Review of General Semantics is in the mail and is now available for download from the IGS Store in searchable PDF format.

Table of Contents Preview

“‘She’s a Little Different’: Autism-Spectrum Disorders in Primetime TV Dramas” by Phillip S. Poe and Maxwell C. Moseley

“Biases in Making Choices” by Joe DeVito

“The Transmission Model of Communication: Toward a Multidisciplinary Explication” by Zachary S. Sapienza, Aaron S. Veenstra, Kestas Kirtiklis, and Steve S. Giannino

“The Meaning of Graffiti: An Interpretation” by Daniel D. Gross and Timothy D. Gross

“How to Develop Your Thinking Ability Using General Semantics” by Martin H. Levinson

“The Spectacle of Analysis: Analytics as Organizational Propaganda” by Ross Jackson

“How ‘Dead Verbs’ Have Imprisoned the English Language” by Stan Kozikowski

“Seven Myths about Abraham Lincoln” by Martin H. Levinson

“A Lexicon for Social Media: A Proposal” by Daniel D. Gross

The Next Generation:
“On the Behavioral Assessment of Semantics” by Kyle Krantz
“Personal Time-Binding Plan” by Nolan McBride
“Differentiation Failures: Polarization” by Jacob Ray

“Visiting the Park” by Danny P. Barbare
“Emily Wrote to Me” by Danny P. Barbare
“Dog Bark Middle Night” by Richard L. Epstein
“A Convocation of Categories” by Martin H. Levinson
“Roses are …” by Martin H. Levinson
“ANA, Log Out” by Lance Strate

Plus Letter from the Editor and Book Reviews.

Cover Art

The photograph used for the cover of ETC 73:4 is by Rick Wise — the fourth image in a four-part series.  Wise labels his images “Photographic Fiction.” Currently he is working on two different series, Things, everyday objects we pass by without seeing, and Time-Flows, in which time is simultaneously expanded and contracted. He considers all of his work “Dancing with the Eye.”