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What’s in Our Article Database?

Our article database includes a categorized assortment of articles from ETC: A Review of General Semantics, the General Semantics Bulletin, and other resources, by numerous authors writing on the subject of general semantics.

We have loosely classified the articles in our database into eight categories to aid your search:

  • Intros to GS

  • About GS

  • History of GS

  • Tributes to Time-Binders

  • Identity, Is &  E-Prime

  • Communications

  • Social Issues & Conflicts

  • Miscellaneous

The table includes the following abbreviations in the Source column:

  • .org = The Institute of General Semantics website

  • ETC = ETC: A Review of General Semantics

  • GSB = General Semantics Bulletin

  • PiQ = People in Quandaries

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Article Database

George DorisKorzybski and General SemanticsGSB 50Intros to GS
Susan Presby KodishUsing General SemanticsETC 51-1Intros to GS
Susan Presby KodishScience as a Method for Everyday Life.orgIntros to GS
Wendell JohnsonBasic Differences between a Pre-Scientific Orientation and a Scientific OrientationPiQIntros to GS
Alfred KorzybskiHistorical Note on the Structural Differential.orgIntros to GS
Steve StockdaleKorzybski's Structural Differential and Hayakawa's Abstraction Ladder.orgIntros to GS
Robert P. PulaGeneral Semantics Formulations Related to Human Communication Processes, Human Evaluating, etc..orgIntros to GS
Bruce I. KodishGeneral Semantics and Non-Verbal Awareness.orgIntros to GS
Milton DawesGeneral Semantics and the Practice of Awareness.orgIntros to GS
Milton DawesOn Structuring - A Way of Making 'Good' Sense.orgIntros to GS
Bruce I. KodishCreating Sense-able Questions for Silent Level Experiments.orgIntros to GS
Robert P. PulaSome Notes on the Human Brain.orgIntros to GS
Milton DawesPracticing Conscious Time-BindingETC 66-1Intros to GS
Wendell JohnsonEd: Report of the Retiring PresidentETC 4-3History of GS
Irving J. LeeEd: Report of the PresidentETC 6-1History of GS
Francis P. ChisholmReport of the Retiring PresidentETC 7-1History of GS
S.I. HayakawaReport of the Retiring PresidentETC 8-1History of GS
Irving J. LeeGeneral Semantics 1952ETC 9-2History of GS
Russell MeyersReport of Retiring PresidentETC 11-1History of GS
J. Samuel BoisAn Interview with Alfred KorzybskiETC 16-2History of GS
Lloyd L. Morain & Mary MorainOn the Completion of Twenty Volumes of ETC.ETC 20-4History of GS
Wendell JohnsonOn the Completion of Twenty Volumes of ETC.ETC 20-4History of GS
Anatol RapoportOn the Completion of Twenty Volumes of ETC.ETC 20-4History of GS
Thomas M. WeissPresident's, Editor's PageETC 27-2History of GS
Thomas M. WeissWhere It All StartedETC 28-2History of GS
M. KendigOn Updating an Open-Ended SystemETC 29-2History of GS
W. Benton Harrison, Jr.Some Personal Memories of Alfred Korzybski and His TimesETC 34-4History of GS
Russell JoynerA Few Speculations on the Future of GSETC 39-1History of GS
Jeremy KleinInterview: Ed MacNeal - GS Then and NowETC 57-2History of GS
Steve StockdaleSnooping Around the Time-Binding AtticETC 59-1History of GS
Steve StockdaleSnooping Around the Time-Binding Attic, Part 2ETC 59-3History of GS
Steve StockdaleSnooping Around the Time-Binding Attic, Part 3ETC 60-2History of GS
Steve StockdaleThe Institute and the Society: Two Organizations, One DisciplineETC 60-3History of GS
M. Kendig'The Old Order Changeth …'GSB 30History of GS
M. KendigEditorial PolicyGSB 32History of GS
D. David Bourland, Jr.… Into a Second GenerationGSB 34History of GS
M. KendigA Note: Reflections on the State of the Discipline, 1968GSB 37History of GS
Allen Walker ReadFormative Influences on Korzybski's General SemanticsGSB 47History of GS
Charlotte Schuchardt ReadA Personal PerspectiveGSB 47History of GS
Harry HoltzmanBacking up into the FutureGSB 47History of GS
Charlotte Schuchardt ReadBefore and After 1933GSB 51History of GS
Yuzuru KatagiriGeneral Semantics Scene in JapanGSB 52History of GS
Nicholas JohnsonGeneral Semantics: The Next GenerationGSB 63History of GS
Charlotte Schuchardt ReadA Brief History of General Semantics, 1950-2000GSB 65History of GS
Lance StrateA New Logo for the IGS.orgHistory of GS
Joseph MeiersCassius Jackson Keyser, 1862-1947ETC 5-1Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
S.I. Hayakawa & John R. KirkIrving J. Lee: Biographical SummaryETC 12-3Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Luther F. SiesWendell Johnson - An AppreciationETC 25-3Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Lloyd L. MorainM. Kendig: Time BinderETC 26-2Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Robert WandererJ. Samuel Bois - An AppreciationETC 26-4Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Robert WandererStuart Chase: Semanticist ExtraordinaryETC 29-1Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
J. Samuel BoisDid Korzybski Overdue His Modesty?ETC 30-2Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Robert P. PulaAlfred Korzybski: Collected Writings 1920-1950, An Appreciation and ReviewETC 48-4Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Robert WandererMemorial to S.I. HayakawaETC 49-2Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Ethel LongstreetHommage a Samuel BoisETC 49-3Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Jeremy KleinWendell JohnsonETC 49-4Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Joseph L. StewartWendell Johnson: A MemoirETC 49-4Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Dean WilliamsRemembering Wendell JohnsonETC 49-4Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Sanford I. BermanIrving Lee: A Teacher for Our TimesETC 50-1Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Helen StevensonRemembering Irving J. LeeETC 50-1Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Alan R. HayakawaRemembering Don HayakawaETC 50-2Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Robert WandererRussell Joyner: In MemoriamETC 53-3Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
-Mary Morain (1911-1999)ETC 56-2Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
-In Memoriam - Mary Morain (1911-1999)ETC 56-3Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Gaston BachelardKorzybski and His WorkGSB 12Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Charlotte Schuchardt ReadMira Edgerly Korzybska: A Biographical SketchGSB 16Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
-Irving J. Lee MemorialGSB 18Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
-Wendell Johnson, In MemoriamGSB 32Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
-Marjorie A. Swanson, MD, In MemoriamGSB 34Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Charlotte Schuchardt ReadAlfred Korzybski: His Contributions and Their Historical DevelopmentGSB 35Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
-Harry L. Weinberg, In MemoriamGSB 35Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
-J. Samuel Bois: In MemoriamGSB 44Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
-Marjorie Mercer Kendig Gates, In MemoriamGSB 48Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
-M. Kendig Memorial IssueGSB 50Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
-Samuel Ichiye Hayakawa, In MemoriamGSB 57Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
-Elton S. Carter, In MemoriamGSB 65Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
-Stuart A. Mayper, In MemoriamGSB 65Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
-Russell Meyers, In MemoriamGSB 65Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
-Mary Morain, In MemoriamGSB 65Tributes to Time-Binders" to Time-Binders"
Leonard GreenbergThe 'Is' of Identity in DefinitionsETC 6-2Identity, Is & E-Prime
W. Benton Harrison, Jr.The "Is" of Identity In Business Situations"ETC 9-4Identity, Is & E-Prime
Earl C. KelleyThe Significance of Being UniqueETC 14-3Identity, Is & E-Prime
Earl C. KelleyAnother Look at IndividualismETC 21-3Identity, Is & E-Prime
E.W. Kellogg IIISpeaking in E-PrimeETC 44-2Identity, Is & E-Prime
Raymond Gozzi, Jr.Metaphors that Undermine Human IdentityETC 46-1Identity, Is & E-Prime
D. David Bourland, Jr.To Be or Not To Be: E-Prime as a Tool for Critical ThinkingETC 46-3Identity, Is & E-Prime
E.W. Kellogg III & D. David Bourland, Jr.Working with E-Prime: Some Practical NotesETC 47-4Identity, Is & E-Prime
Emory MenefeeE-Prime or E-Choice?ETC 48-2Identity, Is & E-Prime
Jeremy KleinAttack on the Killer Be'sETC 49-2Identity, Is & E-Prime
Andrea JohnsonOh To Be A WriterETC 49-2Identity, Is & E-Prime
James D. FrenchThe Top Ten Arguments Against E-PrimeETC 49-2Identity, Is & E-Prime
E.W. Kellogg IIIThe Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Comments on the E-Prime SymposiumETC 49-2Identity, Is & E-Prime
D. David Bourland, Jr.E-Prime and Un-SanityETC 49-2Identity, Is & E-Prime
Stuart A. MayperE-Prime and E-PlusETC 50-3Identity, Is & E-Prime
Russell JoynerAn Auto-Interview on the Need for E-PrimeETC 50-3Identity, Is & E-Prime
Sally MillerSeventh and Ninth Grade Writing Exercises: Candy, Biographies, and E-PrimeETC 56-1Identity, Is & E-Prime
Nora MillerThe Word "is not" the Bird"ETC 58-4Identity, Is & E-Prime
Thomas M. WeissThe Construction and Validation of an 'Is of Identity' TestGSB 24Identity, Is & E-Prime
Robert Ian ScottIs-Less and Other GrammarsGSB 38Identity, Is & E-Prime
Robert P. PulaIdentification: The Illusion-Delusion BuilderGSB 44Identity, Is & E-Prime
Aat DekkerGlimpses of 'Non-Identity' in the History of 'Eastern Thought'GSB 48Identity, Is & E-Prime
F.J. RoethlisbergerBarriers to Communication Between MenETC 9-2Communications
John R. KirkCommunication Theory and Methods of Fixing BeliefETC 10-4Communications
J. Samuel BoisLevels of Cultural CommunicationETC 13-4Communications
S.I. HayakawaLearning to Think and to Write: Semantics in Freshman EnglishETC 18-4Communications
William H. PembertonSemantics and CommunicationETC 23-3Communications
Walter ProbertTruth and Faith in Communication and lawETC 25-1Communications
Lee LoevingerThe Ambiguous Mirror: The Reflective-Projective Theory of Broadcasting and Mass CommunicationsETC 26-3Communications
Lee LoevingerMass versus Media - Who controls?ETC 26-3Communications
Lee LoevingerWhat's Wrong with the FCC?ETC 26-3Communications
Nicholas JohnsonThe Media Barons and the Public InterestETC 26-3Communications
Nicholas JohnsonThe Corporate CensorETC 26-3Communications
Nicholas JohnsonCrises in CommunicationsETC 26-3Communications
Alfred FleishmanGS and Human RelationsETC 29-1Communications
Walter ProbertUsage of the Word "Fact""ETC 29-3Communications
Alfred FleishmanSome Random Notes on Communication in the "Great American Game""ETC 33-3Communications
Neil PostmanPropagandaETC 36-2Communications
Terence P. MoranPropaganda as PseudocommunicationETC 36-2Communications
Alfred FleishmanDialogue with a Street FighterETC 37-1Communications
Allen Walker ReadLanguage Revision by Deletion of AbsolutismsETC 42-1Communications
Allen Walker ReadLanguage Revision by Deletion of Absolutisms [Online Version]ETC 42-1Communications
Stewart W. HolmesSound Bite Virus and GS ImmunologyETC 46-1Communications
Mitsuko Saito-FukunagaGS and Intercultural CommunicationETC 46-4Communications
Gregg HoffmannAbstracting in the News-Making ProcessETC 46-4Communications
Andrea JohnsonWriting to Real PeopleETC 47-2Communications
Gregg HoffmannRacial Stereotyping in the News: Some GS AlternativesETC 48-1Communications
Gregory SawinHow Stereotypes Influence Opinions about IndividualsETC 48-2Communications
Charles A. FlemingUnderstanding Propaganda from a General Semantics PerspectiveETC 52-1Communications
Alfred McClung Lee & Elizabeth Briant LeeThe Iconography of Propaganda AnalysisETC 52-1Communications
-Non-Verbal Communication: A PanelGSB 30Communications
Mitsuko Saito-FukanagaLearning to CommunicateGSB 37Communications
Neil Postman & Kenneth G. JohnsonGeneral Semantics in an Age of Mass MediaGSB 41Communications
John J. BlackAnother Perspective of Mass Media PropagandaGSB 44Communications
Harry MaynardBreaking Language Barriers: An International NecessityGSB 49Communications
Alfred KorzybskiA Veteran's Re-Adjustment and Extensional MethodsETC 3-4Social Issues & Conflict
G. Brock ChisholmCan Man Survive?ETC 4-2Social Issues & Conflict
J. Samuel BoisThe Worship of P: An Open Letter to a Brother PsychologistETC 8-2Social Issues & Conflict
S.I. HayakawaDianetics: The Modern Science of Mental HealthETC 8-4Social Issues & Conflict
Martin MaloneyLife in a Stereotype FactoryETC 10-2Social Issues & Conflict
S.I. HayakawaThe Semantics of Being NegroETC 10-3Social Issues & Conflict
Earl C. KelleyThe Teaching of Controversial IssuesETC 19-2Social Issues & Conflict
Kenneth E. BouldingTowards a Theory of ProtestETC 24-1Social Issues & Conflict
Mary MorainEquality of the SexesETC 25-3Social Issues & Conflict
John A. BlackA Language Approach to PrejudiceETC 29-1Social Issues & Conflict
Alfred FleishmanSecurity' versus 'Rights: A Different View of the Israeli-Arab Communication ProblemsETC 40-1Social Issues & Conflict
Earl HautalaThe Wrong Color of BloodETC 46-2Social Issues & Conflict
Mary S. AlexanderDefining the Abortion DebateETC 50-3Social Issues & Conflict
Arthur Asa BergerEleven Ways of Looking at the Gulf WarETC 51-2Social Issues & Conflict
Katherine Liepe-Levinson & Martin H. Levinson"Glossing Over" Feminism?: A GS Critique"ETC 52-4Social Issues & Conflict
Bruce I. KodishEthics: A GS PerspectiveETC 55-2Social Issues & Conflict
William H. PembertonConflict Resolution for Major World ReligionsETC 57-2Social Issues & Conflict
Arthur Asa BergerMediatribes - Making Sense of Popular Culture, the Mass Media, and Everyday Life in AmericaETC 59-4Social Issues & Conflict
William VogtOn Structure and SurvivalGSB 10-11Social Issues & Conflict
Ann Dix MeiersGeneral Semantics and the Desegregation CrisisGSB 22Social Issues & Conflict
Kenneth G. JohnsonChanging Theories of Resistance to ChangeGSB 32Social Issues & Conflict
Alvin M. WeinbergWill Technology Replace Social Engineering?GSB 34Social Issues & Conflict
Kenneth G. JohnsonReview: The Structure of MagicGSB 46Social Issues & Conflict
William WhitesideGeneral Semantics and Neighborhood ReinvestmentGSB 48Social Issues & Conflict
Warren RobbinsNo Dinosaurs on the Ark: Science, Language and Art in Evolving Human CultureGSBSocial Issues & Conflict
Warren RobbinsPicasso's World and the African ConnectionGSB 61Social Issues & Conflict
Jay BlackGeneral Semantics and the Ethics Agenda: New Challenges for the News MediaGSB 63Social Issues & Conflict
Leslie A. WhiteMind is MindingETC 1-2Miscellaneous
Anatol RapoportNewtonian Physics and Aviation CadetsETC 1-3Miscellaneous
Stewart W. HolmesThe Tyranny of PremisesETC 1-3Miscellaneous
Benjamin Lee WhorfLanguage and BehaviorETC 1-4Miscellaneous
Leslie A. WhiteThe SymbolETC 1-4Miscellaneous
Anatol RapoportThe Criterion of PredictabilityETC 2-3Miscellaneous
Harry WeinbergSome Functional Patterns on the Non-Verbal LevelETC 4-3Miscellaneous
A.H. MaslowA Suggested Improvement in Semantic UsageETC 4-3Miscellaneous
G. Brock ChisholmChanging Sources of SecurityETC 5-1Miscellaneous
Irving J. LeeFreedom From Speech: An Address to Speech TeachersETC 6-1Miscellaneous
Irving J. LeeOn the Varieties of Research in GSETC 7-3Miscellaneous
Benjamin Lee WhorfAn American Indian Model of the UniverseETC 8-1Miscellaneous
Benjamin Lee WhorfLanguage, Mind and RealityETC 9-3Miscellaneous
Edward MacNealThe Necessity of Prediction in the Social SciencesETC 10-1Miscellaneous
Richard DetteringPositivism: A Study in Human UnderstandingETC 11-1Miscellaneous
Max SheroverGestalt MnemonicsETC 11-2Miscellaneous
Anatol RapoportThe Role of Symbols in Human BehaviorETC 12-3Miscellaneous
S.I. HayakawaForeword to the Special Issue on Transactional PsychologyETC 12-4Miscellaneous
Allen Walker ReadThe Term 'Meaning' in LinguisticsETC 13-1Miscellaneous
William H. PembertonA Semantic Approach to CounselingETC 13-2Miscellaneous
S.I. HayakawaThe Fully Functioning PersonalityETC 13-3Miscellaneous
A.H. MaslowToward a Humanistic PsychologyETC 14-1Miscellaneous
Richard DetteringThe Learning of Symbolic Behavior and Its Importance to EducationETC 14-1Miscellaneous
William H. PembertonNondirective Reorientation in CounselingETC 16-4Miscellaneous
Lloyd L. MorainHow Pseudo-Scientists Get Away With ItETC 17-3Miscellaneous
Stuart A. MayperThe Zen Koan and the Lapidus PrincipleETC 17-3Miscellaneous
Richard DetteringHuman Nature and the Human ConditionETC 18-2Miscellaneous
Elton S. CarterThe Natural Science of StupidityETC 18-2Miscellaneous
S.I. HayakawaSemantics, Law, and "Priestly-Minded Men""ETC 19-3Miscellaneous
Allen Walker ReadLinguists and the Sense of MissionETC 19-3Miscellaneous
Geoffrey WagnerThe Bible in the Classroom: The Classroom as PulpitETC 20-2Miscellaneous
Walter E. StuermannThe Bible as Literature: An Argument Against RetreatETC 20-2Miscellaneous
J. Samuel BoisLogic and Psycho-LogicETC 20-3Miscellaneous
Wendell JohnsonThe Belief in MagicETC 25-3Miscellaneous
O.R. BontragerNew Dimensions of Responsibility: Part IETC 27-2Miscellaneous
O.R. BontragerNew Dimensions of Responsibility: Part IIETC 27-3Miscellaneous
G. Brock ChisholmNew ResponsibilitiesETC 27-4Miscellaneous