• What’s with Our Logo?

    You might think that for an organization like the Institute of General Semantics, our logo would include the initials "IGS." Or for being an organization around the field of general semantics, we'd at least have the initials "GS" somewhere in our logo.

    So what's with the A? The Ā logo is from our founder Alfred Korzybski's book introducing general semantics titled Science and Sanity. It stands for the term "non-aristotelian," which is the term Korzybski used to distinguish modern scientific thinking from premodern scientific thinking--the kind of science associated with Aristotle and other premodern thinkers who still (at times unfortunately) influence our thinking. General semantics is largely about teaching people non-aristotelian, modern scientific ideas--it's not just about words!

    The above logo has been adapted from the original Non-Aristotelian Library logo, and we've adapted it in the past a number of times, too. To the right is the current logo for the Institute of General Semantics.

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  • general semantics

    a doctrine and educational discipline intended to improve habits of response of human beings to their environment and one another especially by training in the more critical use of words and other symbols

    First Known Use: 1933Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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