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Classes & Seminars

igslogo-smallerThe Institute of General Semantics offers classes and seminars at introductory and advanced levels on a variety of topics related to general semantics and the teaching of the multidisciplinary subject.  Some are regularly scheduled and some are available upon request.

Recent Classes & Seminars

Summer Seminar-Workshops

The Institute has sponsored summer seminar-workshops for over 50 years that focus on teaching theory and practical applications of general semantics.

The goal of these programs is to apply general semantics to help you restructure your view of yourself and the world to create more satisfying personal and professional relationships. Attendees can participate in lectures, small group discussions, exercises, demonstrations, sensing practices, and social events to experience the rewards of “living through” general semantics.

Preview Materials

The following materials provide insight into what you might learn at a summer seminar-workshop on general semantics.

View the Notebook

Seminar-Workshop Participant Notebook

These materials come from the June 2006 Seminar-Workshop participant notebook.  They include an abundance of lessons and instruction for teaching and learning general semantics.

View the Notebook

The following video clips (.wmv) come from past seminar-workshop presentations.


Archival Footage

The following videos and supplementary material provide insight into what past summer seminar-workshops hosted by the Institute of General Semantics were like for the participants.

View the attendee photograph, registrant information, reports, and even rare footage from the 1961 Summer Seminar-Workshop at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Click here for information on the 1961 Summer Seminar Workshop.

The following film was made during the 1948 Summer Seminar-Workshop.  It features the founder of the Institute of General Semantics, Alfred Korzybksi.

Summer 1948 Seminar-Workshop Film (featuring Allfred KorzybskI) (1948) (83MB) (.wmv)

The following recap was drawn from video recorded at the 1992 Summer Seminar at Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI.