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The Institute of General Semantics 1961 Summer Seminar-Workshop

1961Over 16 days in mid-August, 1961, the Institute of General Semantics hosted its first-ever West Coast Summer Seminar-Workshop.

Held at the University of California at Santa Barbara, the 1961 seminar-workshop had 58 enrollees — the most ever to that date — and was regarded then as “probably the most productive seminar-workshop in the Institute’s history.”

M. Kendig, Charlotte Schuchardt Read, O. R. Bontrager,  Russell Meyers, Catherine Minteer, Edward L. Gates, Nathaniel Hollister, Elwood Murray, Michael Walsh, and Kenneth Johnson staffed the seminar-workshop in various capacities.  J. Talbot Winchell, in whose name is one of the distinctive awards offered by the Institute of General Semantics, was in attendance.  Former host of The Tonight Show, Steve Allen, was among the registrants.

Click here to read a roundup of the 1961 Summer Seminar Workshop in the General Semantics Bulletin Nos. 28 & 29 (1961-1962).

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Participant Karl Hinkle kept a “movie record” of the seminar-workshop.

Captured in the footage are teachers and participants in lectures, downtime during the intense seminar-workshop, awareness training led by Charlotte Schuchardt Read, and a glimpse at the participant photo shoot.

This silent film lasts nearly 22 minutes before it starts to loop briefly at the end.

The photo below depicts those in attendance at the 1961 Summer Seminar-Workshop.  Click the photo to enlarge it.

The Institute of General Semantics 1961 Summer Seminar-Workshop at the University of California at Santa Barbara

First Row

KARL HINKLE, Lockheed Missles & Space Co., Sunnyvale, Cal. GENEVIEVE OSLUND, Probation Officer, Los Angeles County. GEORGE STANLEY, El Camlno College, Cal. GENE ELBINGER, Senior Probation Officer, Los Angeles County. E. F. MCDANIEL, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Oakland, Cal. JAMES VAUGRAN, University of Pittsburgh, Pa. TALBOT WINCHELL, South Pasadena, Cal. JAMES NEWMAN, (Pres.) Advsnced Seminars, Los Angeles. GEORGE COOK, Saskatchewan Teachers College, Saskatoon, Canada. LILLY MILIGAN, Grtffith Co., Los Angeles. NORMAN HARRINGTON, San Quentin Prison, Cal. PAUL COOPER, Central Management Services, Los Angeles.

Second Row

GRANT ANGELL, Audio-Dynamics Corp., Portland, Oregon. ANN MARTINOVICH, John Muir School, San Francisco. EVAN AIKEN, Bendix Corp., North Hollywood. EDEN RYL, Communication and Sales Consultant, Hollywood. MARTHA YORKSTON, Everett Junior College, Washington. JOAN THROOP, Poughkeepsie, New York. MONTGOMERY THROOP, IBM Laboratory, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. JAMES MOFFETT, Philips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire. FRED BISSELL, MD, Aurora, Ohio. ROLLY HILLIARD, Psychtatric Social Worker, Los Angeles. ETHEL LONGSTREET, Viewpoints Inc., Beverly Hills, Cal.

Third Row

BLANCHE SANDERS, Santa Cruz, Cal. ROBERT HASLER, Stockbroker, Palm Beach, Florida. JUDITH HARRINGTON, (student) Radcliffe College, Mass. [Staff: EDWARD L. GATES, Institute of General Semantics. NATHANIEL HOLLISTER, MD, Dayton, Ohio. CHARLOTTE SCHUCHARDT READ, New York. O. R. BONTRAGER, PhD, California (Pa.) State College (1962-Arizona State University). M. KENDIG, Institute of Gereral Semantics. RUSSELL MEYERS, MD, FACS, State University of Iowa. KENNETH JOHNSON, PhD, University of Wisconsin.] JOYCE COOTZ (graduate student) San Diego state College. MEYER BRAUDE (Colonel, USA), Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. MARY MORAIN, San Francisco. HELEN RINGROSE, County Welfare Dept., Riverside, Cal. CLINTON HEATH (USN, Ret.), Westinghouse Electric Corp., Sunnyvale, Cal. JUNE HEATH, Palo Alto, Cal.

Fourth Row

BURYL PAYNE, Boeing Airplane Co., Seattle, Wash. CHARLES TAYLOR, PhD, Fresno State College, Cal. JOSEPH STEWART, Salida, Colorado. ROBERT BUCKLEY, Paisley School, Oregon. KENNETH HOOVER, PhD, Arizona State University. MARY MORRIS, Arizona State University, THOMAS WEISS, PhD, Arizona State University. MARC HOWENSTEIN (student) University of California, Santa Barbara. EUGENE PECKHAM, Western Executive Training Services, Burlingame, Cal. HOWARD CAMPBELL, EdD, Fresno State College, Cal. JOAN SCHOETTLER, Lincoln Jr. High School, Santa Monica, Cal. IONE HARRINGTON, San Francisco. KENNETH MANSUY, Picatinny Arsenal, Dover, New Jersey.

Fifth Row

GLORIA SMITH, Bay Area Air Pollution Control, San Francisco. MARCO JOHNSON, Boeing Airplane Co., Seatlle, Wash. BOB WANDERER, freelance writer, San Francisco. ORVIL WALKER, Lockheed Aircraft Corp., Sunnyvale, Cal. CHARLES BARTL, PhD, Portland State College, Oregon. WEBSTER AUGUSTINE, Boeing Airplane Co., Seattle, Wash. ROGER ESHLEMAN, Shimer College, Mount Carroll, lllinois. BETTY HOLLINGSWORTH, law office, San Francisco.

Not In Picture

Registrants: STEVE ALLEN, Encino, Cal. JOHN HOTCHKISS, MD, Kaiser Hospital, San Francisco. J. GORDON ROBERTS, (Pres.) Roberts Dairy Co., Omaha, Nebraska. MICHAEL TURETSKY, Los Angeles.
Visiting Lecturers: CATHERINE MINTEER, Santa Monica, Cal. ELWOOD MURRAY, PhD, University of Denver. MICHAEL WALSH, SeD, Beverly Hills, Cal.

A year after the 1961 Summer Seminar-Workshop, participants Robert Wanderer and Ethel Longstreet recounted their experiences.

Click here to read their reports from the General Semantics Bulletin Nos. 28 & 29 (1961-1962).